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  1. Nature of the Job


If you like being paid for solving puzzles, while hunting down various sources of information with which to fuel your brainstorming the business analyst job description might be quite appealing for you. The job of the business analyst (BA) is mentally exhausting but very diverse and challenging nevertheless.

The BA studies the entire structure of the business or all the facets of the segment he has been hired to analyze. He/she has to gather information about the competitors in order to acquire deeper perspective and to put the things in context. Once the necessary data is collected comes the time of brainstorming and finding solutions for more efficient and effective business functioning.

The job is, indeed, very demanding and mentally exhausting. The daily challenges are of various natures and tend to come in numbers. It involves paperwork and documentation and takes place in office. The work hours could be the standard 40 per week but can also exceed that number or be quite irregular due to looming deadlines.

Main Responsibilities

-      Study the client’s organization – goals, structure, ethos

-      Study the competitors

-      Document and analyze the gathered data

-      Plan strategic and tactical solutions for business optimization

-      Assist in the practical implementation of the plan

  1. Education and Expertise Required

Education / Training

Ideally, the business analyst would have MBA. Related studies also can be useful but generally master’s degree is preferred. Naturally, previous experience on similar position is a great asset. Extensive knowledge of the industry adds attractiveness to any candidate’s CV.


-      Analytical thinking

-      Strategic thinking

-      Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

-      Leadership

-      Patience

-      Great attention to detail

-      Innovative thinking

-      Team player

-      Computer literate


  1. Career Perspective and Growth

Projected Growth

The demand for skillful business analysts is expected to grow. The competition in the field is expected to be really tough but the proper education and ambition can take you to the desired position. Once there, building a good reputation is essential.

Job Opportunities

Many companies use the business analysis in order to work efficiently and to rise above the competition. The business analysts are well paid, with average salary around $75.000 per annum. One must remember that there are several types of BA and some of them are generally better paid than others.

The position offers handful of opportunities for career advancement, even position swap. Many BA have better idea of how to manage the workforce better than the appointed managers. With their all-seeing eye, the business analysts can easily try their skills in another aspect of the business.

Kindergarten Teacher Job Description

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*Work Profile

What is a Kindergarten Teacher and what they do?

These are teachers who teach four to six year olds. These teachers can have a bachelors’ degree or training in this field. They need to have training in the field of childhood education. These teachers specialize in music, science and literature. This is a job in which you need to have full dedication and patience. There are good job opportunities in local schools.

The main tasks of the Kindergarten Teacher are:

  • To make and keep the records is the main task of the kindergarten teacher.
  • To provide moral abdicates to the children is also a task of the kindergarten teacher.
  • He/she is responsible to provide guidance to the children.
  • To provide an example of good behavior to the children is also a task of the kindergarten teacher.
  • Provide good environment, play activities and lessons is the task of the kindergarten teacher.
  • To check the home task of the children is a key responsibility of the kindergarten teacher.

*Credentials and Abilities required

What are the essential requirements for Kindergarten Teacher?

A kindergarten teacher is a person who is responsible for child education. It is not possible for everyone to make a career in this field because this profession not only requires good education but also requires the willingness to work. You can apply in schools in your local area.

The main education qualifications for kindergarten teacher are: -

v  You need to take part in community programs of your area. This is a good way to get teaching experience in this field.

v  The main thing is getting experience in this field. And you can get experience by taking part in your community activities and by teaching children of your area.

v  You should have a bachelor’s degree

v  High school education is the minimum requirement.

v  Two year training in this field is essential to start a career in this field.

v  If you really want to join this field then you can start your career and get teaching experience by taking after-school hours tuition.

v  You can be a mentor.

The required skills for Kindergarten Teacher are: -


  • Dedication
  • Confidence
  • Good knowledge
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Politeness
  • Motivation skills
  • Organization and management skills
  • Creativity

* Professional Growth

Title – What are the job prospects for Kindergarten Teacher?

There is a good scope in this field. Many of kindergarten teachers pursue their own education centers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s survey, it is found that there will be an increase of 12 percent in the kindergarten teacher jobs. This profession is increasing at a rapid rate. The retired high school teachers are furthering their career span with these jobs. There are good salary packages in this profession. Some kindergarten teachers draw up to $50,000 per year. But the benefits depend on the experience and education qualification.



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  1. Nature of the Job


The skilled and well-educated child care provider is much more than average babysitter. Of course, the child care worker must ensure the safety of the kid in first place but he/she is also responsible for the proper development of the small ones. Ultimately, the child care provider job description should demand child pedagogic education; however this is not always the case. A skilled and knowledgeable child pedagogue can determine very quickly what the child needs, what talents it professes, what (bad and good) habits it already has or develops. All these things are essential part of the child care worker’s duties.

The child care provider can work in various environments. They can be employed by hospital, school, kinder-garden and other institutions which deal with kids on daily basis. Of course, many of these specialists work in the child’s home.

The work hours normally are 40 per week but this can vary. Hospitals work all the time, working in someone’s house can call for irregular working hours.


Main Responsibilities

-      Child’s safety – clean and feed the child, be ready to protect it, in case of emergency.

-      The development of the child – through age-appropriate books, stories, games and other forms of interaction, the child learns.

-      Socialize children – meeting and playing with other children is essential for emotional and intellectual development of every human being.

  1. Education and Expertise Required

Education / Training

Private practitioners who take care of a few kids only are largely unregulated by the authorities and require little to no education. Private firms and public employers of child care providers have higher demands in this regard. Not everyone asks for university degree in child care and development but most would ask experience and completed courses on the matter.

Child care workers have to be certified by the state authorities, if they look after more than a few children. Some private employers might ask for certifications as well.



-      Love for children

-      Analytical thinking

-      Strategic thinking

-      Good communication skills

  1. Career Perspectives and Growth

Projected Growth

The expectancies are that the job demand in child care will grow with the country average temp in the current decade. The emphasis is falling heavier on early childhood development and those with relative knowledge would have the upper hand in finding a job.

Job Opportunities

Kinder-gardens, schools, hospitals, etc. need child care providers. Many of the practitioners – more than 33%, actually – have their own private practice. The proper education and experience play important role, when calculating the wages but the country’s average estimate is nearly $21 per hour. In some areas, the payment exceeds $32 per hour on an average.

The downside of the job is that there are not many opportunities for career advancement.


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Who is a Dietitian?

A dietician is a person who creates nutritional programs for clients and other groups. They educate the clients on healthy eating habits. Dietitians are mainly employed in hospitals, schools and government and private agencies. The dietitian job description basically involves preparing nutrition and food plans and directing the preparation of meals. They provide a diet plan for patients and educate them on healthy diet. These professionals usually work with other professionals like doctors. A dietitian is mainly responsible for planning menu and preparing diet chart for clients or patients. They first determine the patient’s dietary needs and then depending on that they prepare the menu and design the nutrition plan. A dietitian prepares and manages different food and diet programs that promote healthy lifestyle.

Job duties:

The duties of a dietitian are:

  • Interact with the doctor or health care staff about the dietary requirement of the patient or client.
  • Prepare diet and nutrition plan for the patient depending on their health information.
  • Educate patients or clients about diet, nutritional values and healthy eating habits.
  • Monitoring and analyzing patients or clients response to the nutritional plan.
  • Inspecting meals and food products prepared in hospitals, health care centers and restaurants.
  • Conducting research programs on nutrition and diet.
  • Ensuring that the safety and cleanliness rules and regulations are followed.
  • Conducting programs and classes on diet, nutrition and healthy eating.







Education / Training:

  • The minimum educational qualification required for a dietitian is a bachelor’s degree in dietetics or food and nutrition or any related field.
  • A candidate needs to obtain a license for working as a dietitian.
  • Few states require dietitians to complete an internship program under the supervision of an experienced licensed and certified dietitian.
  • A candidate needs to be certified to work legally as a Registered Dietitian.



The basic skills that are required for a dietitian are:

  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • The dietitian needs to have the strong interpersonal and management skills.
  • Should be critical thinker and a effective problem solver.
  • Should possess excellent people skills.



The career prospects of a dietitian are:

  • Most of the dietitians work in hospitals, nursing centers and clinics of health practitioners.
  • Dietitians with good experience can advance to senior level management positions like assistant director or director of dietetic department.
  • Some of them can become self employed and establish their own clinics.
  • However advancing to top level position requires additional education, experience and specialization.



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Who is a Vet Tech?

A vet tech is a person who helps the veterinarian in a veterinary office. A vet tech also called as veterinary technician usually works in a veterinary office. Vet techs play the role of an animal nurse. They provide medical care to the animals under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. A vet tech provides care and feed the domestic animals. These vet techs perform clinical test and procedures like obtaining blood samples, providing medication and conducting medical tests. A vet tech performs all these tasks under the guidance of a veterinarian. A vet tech job description sounds challenging and it involves work related diseases and injuries. The vet tech job demands physical and emotional strength. Vet techs are responsible for taking animal’s history, collecting blood and urine samples, noting the temperature, and feeding the animals. The key task of a vet tech is to offer care to the animals.


The job duties of a vet tech are:

  • Providing medical care to the animals by following the instructions of a licensed veterinarian.
  • Taking blood and urine samples from the animals.
  • Help the veterinarian in providing dental care to the animals.
  • Performing laboratory tests and procedures like blood counts, parasite detection, taking X-rays and urine analysis.
  • Taking and recording temperature, dressing the injuries or wounds, administering medication prescribed by the veterinarian.
  • Performing surgical tasks like sterilizing surgical instruments, gloves and maintaining surgical record.
  • Providing medical care to the animal after any operation or surgery.
  • Recording the previous medical condition of the animal.


Education / Training:

  • It is mandatory for a candidate to complete high school diploma or equivalent.
  • He needs to hold an associate’s degree in veterinary technology to become a vet tech.
  • A candidate needs to complete bachelor’s degree program in veterinary technology.
  • They need to acquire license to work as a Vet tech. To obtain the license a candidate needs to pass the National Veterinary Technician exam.
  • Thus the minimum qualification required for becoming a vet tech is a two year associate’s degree program from the American Veterinary Medical Association accredited school.


The basic skills that are required for a vet tech are:

  • Possess strong decision making skills.
  • Should be calm under stressful condition.
  • The vet tech needs to be physically and mentally fit.
  • Should possess excellent communication skills.


The career prospects of a vet tech are:

  • Vet techs usually work in animal hospitals, private clinics, research centers and zoos.
  • Vet techs can advance to supervisory level if they possess good practical experience in the field.
  • They can become instructors or they can help the veterinarians in research programs.
  • The career growth opportunities for vet tech are good as the demand for pet care taker is increasing.

A Career with Mass Mutual Financial Group

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I. About the Company

Mass Mutual Financial Group one step to success

Mass Mutual Financial Group is a company that studies the wants and needs of each private and public client in order to set strategies to obtain the best financial service in less time and excellent quality. The company acts as a counselor and is always looking for the best choices that will help to build the financial future of each client. The company was founded in 1851 and since that year has been growing to become one of the most famous and establish stable companies in the US. The company is characterized by the network and contacts that has been gaining since the beginning of the activity.

II. How to Apply

Applying for a Career with Mass Mutual

The person interesting on apply must create a account on the official website of the company, filling all the information required and must keep the resume on a file in order to receive weekly summaries where will be able to see the job alerts that match with the profile. On the website will find the opportunities available and could start a research according to the area, job area, temporary jobs, full time job or the student program and if it’s a current employee will be able o use the employee tools in order to make easy the research and have better opportunities.

III. Recruitment Process

The various steps in recruitment

  • Online application
  • Personal interview human resources area
  • Medical exams and documentation require
  • Personal interview with the direct boss
  • Initiation
  • Training

IV. Career Growth

Moving ahead with Mass Mutual

Once the candidate pass all the recruitment processes can join Mass Mutual career and start working will be able to join all the benefits Mass Mutual Financial Group offers lay compensation, health and welfare, work/life balance and join the program called planning for your financial future. The company also during the year promotes different campaigns and events in order to satisfy the wants and needs of the stakeholders of the company. During the work time the employee will receive training and opportunities to show the talent and development in order to apply for better job positions and salary. Mass Mutual Financial Group work for the development of each employee working on different personal skills (leadership, innovation, creativity, interpersonal relations) and professional skills (technology, global issues, adaptability) to obtain the best of them.

V. Employee Policies

Working with Mass Mutual

Mass Mutual is worry about their employees and customer; in order to provide them the best opportunities of development the company has a program call the winning ways (focus on customer, act with integrity, value people, work collaboratively, achieve results) to obtain the best business decision to help the company to success. The company works on each person in order to obtain respect, diversity and inclusion of each letting be part and become part of the company. The work environment it’s very friendly and each employee it’s able to give any suggestion or idea to improve any process or issue of the company.